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Self-Paced Online Birth Preparation Course Founders - Genevieve Parker Hill and Lucia Parker DeMarco
Self-Paced Online Birth Preparation Course Founders - Genevieve Parker Hill and Lucia Parker DeMarco

You're invited to meet us live during an upcoming online birth planning class and Q&A session:

Planning Your Birth: Birth Practice Live Video Call and Q&A with Genevieve & Lucia

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This class is for expecting moms due August, September or October 2024 and their partners.

Don't miss this class where we share our three key strategies that will help you feel satisfied with your hospital birth, whether or not it goes according to plan.

Sisters and Birth Practice co-founders Genevieve Parker Hill (left) and Lucia Parker DeMarco (right) became intensely interested in helping women have positive birthing experiences as they navigated preparing for the births of their children and becoming mothers together. Both had positive, deeply affirming hospital birthing experiences. As they talked to other women about their birth stories, they realized the positive feelings they had about their births were not the norm for most women and that many women with negative birth experiences had significant mental health challenges to overcome in an already difficult time.

For Lucia, this began an obsession with researching all things birth and led her to become a birth doula. After hours of conversation and shared frustration with existing birth preparation resources, she and Genevieve set out to create a hyper-focused birth preparation course that takes a research-based approach to supporting positive birthing experiences.

They were guided by these facts:

  • Research shows the significant influence of psychological factors on physiological outcomes in labor and birth including length of labor and need for intervention.

  • Many traumatic birth experiences arise from communication issues which can be improved with simple tools.

  • Communication, cognitive behavior and relaxation skills are essential for positive birth experiences.

  • Much of birth education seems to rank certain types of birth as better than others, when in fact much more important is how a woman feels about her birth, including feeling prepared and having a sense of control and partnership in decision-making.

  • Many birth education courses over reach in scope and as a result become unfocused and overwhelming to busy mothers-to-be.

Genevieve’s experience as a health researcher and author combined with Lucia’s expertise in all things birth helped them shape Birth Practice into a curated, simple, effective course for families who want to prepare for a positive birth experience.

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