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Powerful & Practical

Creating your birth plan is a powerful and practical next step as you prepare to give birth. Did you know that birth plans are most useful before you give birth? Download our free birth plan template to learn more!

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What makes it the best birth plan template?
  • Our birth plan template is OB-GYN approved

  • You get two birth plan templates (one for vaginal births and one for c-section births)

  • It is evidence-backed

  • Saves 12-36 hours of researching and creating your own birth plan

  • Avoids the one mistake that makes maternity ward doctors and nurses chuckle

  • Designed for hospital births which the majority of US women have

  • Super easy, simple, checkbox design

As an expecting mom, you spend hours making sure you're doing everything right for your growing baby:

  • Researching fetal stages of development

  • Late night scrolling sessions about which foods and medications are okay and which to avoid

  • Preparing your baby shower registry and nursery

  • Nesting to create a safe, healthy home for your new baby

What about time spent planning for a healthy, positive, and satisfying birth experience?

Giving birth doesn't have to be painful or traumatic. Even if you've never done it before.

Planning your birth will help you understand your options, make informed choices, and nurture a positive relationship with your care team.

Creating an appropriate, useful, and evidence-based birth plan template can take 12-36 hours if you do it on your own. That's why we dug into the research and created our one-page birth plan template to share.

Doctors and nurses won't tell you this, but many of them won't read a birth plan that is longer than one page. More importantly, they likely won't take it seriously. Our interviews with health care practitioners revealed that they may laugh at a birth plan that is longer than one page.

And yet having a birth plan is associated with more positive birth outcomes like a mother's satisfaction with her birth experience.

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